Data Strategy, Discovery and Open Innovation


A list of the publications I’ve been involved in.

City Data Sharing Toolkit

2018 - Future Cities Catapult

I was the content lead for the City Data Sharing Toolkit developed by Future Cities Catapult. We designed this toolkit for those in local government who are new to data sharing and are looking to understand the overall process. As well as setting out this process the toolkit includes links to further resources and guidance. The content was created on the basis of research with data sharing experts across local government and some of it was developed in a co-creation workshop I lead in September 2018. The toolkit is published under a Creative Commons license so that it can be used free of charge.


Using Open Data to Deliver Public Services

2018 - Open Data Institute

I was the lead author for the Open Data Institute’s report on ‘Using Open Data for Public Services’. In this report we identify three high-level patterns of how open data is used to deliver public services. This was the first report to look in detail at the ways in which open data can support the delivery of public services using a systems approach. Due to the complex nature of the research we used a ‘rich picture’ methodology to help interviewees visualise the organisational and data relationships we were interested in. These were then developed into infographics in the final document and some of my initial sketches are also included. This research formed part of a wider project in the ODI’s research programme, which included funding a small number of local authorities to transform their services to use open data.


Open Data Challenge Series Handbook

2015 - Nesta / Open Data Institute

I co-authored this Handbook which sets out the structure of the Open Data Challenge Series and includes the winners stories from each of the Challenges.


Government Response to Shakespeare Review of Public Sector Information

2013 - Her Majesty’s Government

This document sets out the Government’s response to a review of public sector information which was undertaken in 2012. I was part of the team developing commitments in response to the review as well as drafting this final document. A particularly important commitments included in it was the development of a National Information Infrastructure (NII) for the UK Government. I subsequently lead a team which helped create the first version of the NII published on